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Ken Stewart (Co-Chairman of Tact), Beltus Etchu (Co-President of TACT), Festus Olatunde (Co Vice President of Tact), Mike Doherty (Co Vice President of TAC

4 years ago

TACT Ghana

Beltus Etchu, Co-President of TACT and Mike Doherty Vice President of TACT headed up a TACT business initiative which explored and recommended our strategic commercial expansion into Ghana, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire. It was duly agreed that this is to be facilitated through the formation of a newly formed Ghanaian joint venture company entitled ‘TACT Ghana’. Beltus especially welcomed the appointment of Rodgers Adjadi as our Senior Executive operating from Accra. Rodgers. together with his strong African Financial Services and Banking team will work alongside our TACT executives and working together, will champion our mutually beneficial African interests. We will use the 3 selected nations as initial pilot scheme prototype insertions into this strategic marketplace